Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX (Pro – Developer)

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Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX (Pro – Developer)
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14th October 2007
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17th November 2007

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Get an expert introduction to the new JavaScript enhancements(code-named “Atlas”) for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0. More than a basic AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) script library, the Microsoftimplementation brings object orientation to JavaScript, together withenhanced client-side and server-side controls that greatly simplify codingwhile delivering enhanced Web experiences with any browser. Scheduled forrelease with the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio-, code named”Orcas,” AJAX extensions and tools can be used by developers today. Thisbook offers expert insights direct from the Microsoft product team andnoted ASP authority Dino Esposito, as well as hands-on instruction andexamples of Web development with AJAX. This ideal reference will be updatedonline, keeping readers up to date with the evolving tool. The bookincludes code samples in ASP.NET 2.0 created using C# and JavaScript.

This is a very good introduction to Ajax. In the beginning Dino explain what’s going on under the hood (partial page rendering, extenders, client logic, etc). After that he takes you on a quick tour of existing extenders (Ajax Control Toolkit). Finally he discover remote method calls to web services and page methods.

Looks like it’s a good book to start working with ASP.NET AJAX. If you are new with this technology you definitely should buy this book. Even if you have an experience, read the first part of the book, it contains interesting under-the-hood details of the ASP.NET AJAX framework.