Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
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19th November 2005
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20th January 2006

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Noted software engineering expert, Martin Fowler, turns his attention to enterprise application development. He helps professionals understand the complex–yet critical–aspects of architecture. Enables the reader to make proper choices when faced with a difficult design decision.

This book covers great and useful pattern concepts for enterprise solutions. Patterns like Domain Model, Data Mapper, Unit of Work, Identity Map, (Single/Class/Concrete) Table Inheritance, Layer Supertype, Value Object etc are nowadays most popular in the software design or even in framework design that can use any language to implement (C++/Java/PHP etc). Don’t be afraid of the word Enterprise in the title, this book is relevant even if you work only on small/medium size applications. Fowler covers lot of database and data related patterns and quite a good amount of material is related to browser-based client GUIs. If you want to know my opinion – this book is highly recommended for reading.