Metaprogramming Ruby (Facets of Ruby)

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Metaprogramming Ruby (Facets of Ruby)
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22nd March 2010
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28th June 2010

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Everyone in the Ruby world seems to be talking about metaprogramming–how you can use it to remove duplication in your code and write elegant, beautiful programs. Now you can get in on the action as well.

This book describes metaprogramming as an essential component of Ruby. Once you understand the principles of Ruby, including the object model, scopes, and eigenclasses, you’re on your way to applying metaprogramming both in your daily work and in your fun, after-hours projects.

Learning metaprogramming doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. By taking you on a Monday-through-Friday workweek adventure with a pair of programmers, Paolo Perrotta helps make mastering the art of metaprogramming both straightforward and entertaining.