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Today I found wonderful page where you can dispatch commands to programmer. You can enter command, for example dance, sleep, and he will execute them. Page was developed using ASP.NET technology and Visual Studio Express.

Our Subservient Programmer was created using Visual Studio Express — C#, Visual Basic and Visual Web Developer flavors. When the application is idling, you can see the programmer working at his computer. After entering a command phrase, such as “test”, the programmer will be shown doing your bidding. Once the programmer has completed the task, he will resume working at the computer as he was before and allow you to enter another command.

I like following commands:

  • recurse
  • instance
  • employee
  • dance
  • fight
  • run
  • sleep
  • die
  • walk
  • kiss
  • angry
  • pray
  • fly
  • program
  • scream
  • channel 9
  • microsoft
  • linux
  • porno
  • scream
  • phone
  • fall
  • smoke
  • drink
  • eat
  • joke
  • work
  • drunk
  • read
  • cry
  • music
  • jump
  • test
  • cold
  • break
  • visual studio
  • exit
  • build
  • clown
  • spy
  • ball
  • wave
  • climb
  • chicken

Hint: you can install ClickOnce Application to get command suggestions.

And now several screenshots will be shown.

Subservient Programmer - idling Subservient Programmer - dizzy Subservient Programmer - fight Subservient Programmer - die Subservient Programmer - music Subservient Programmer - draw

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Joe Blow
said on May 2nd, 2006 at 18:34 · Permalink

Try entering “slap yourself” … :D

said on May 4th, 2006 at 16:12 · Permalink

Try “Crash computer” :)

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