Ruby on Rails plugins

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Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is a great web application framework written in Ruby. It is very extensible, and there are two common ways to write add-ons exists: plugins and gems. On this page you can find all plugins for Ruby on Rails that I have developed during my programming practice. Also take a look at my GitHub public profile to check things that I have published but not described here yet.

Sphinx Client API

2006 — 2009 years
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sphinx Search Engine, RSpec

The Sphinx Client API interacts with searchd daemon to retrieve search results from Sphinx Search Engine, which used in large applications with a lot of data to provide fast, reliable search engine. Ruby API is a port of PHP API, and included in Sphinx distributive since version 0.9.8. It is 100% tested with RSpec testing framework and used in production on many really big sites.


2008 — 2009 years
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec

This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. It towards a unified approach to generating page title, description, keywords based on rules of building search friendly pages and thus simplifies your applications on all levels (models, controllers, views).