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During the last few months we (I and Alexey Kovyrin) have been working on a major Best Tech Videos site platform update. If you have not seen it before — it is time to take a look at it because really soon everything will change. I don’t mean that site idea would change (you would be able to find there the best tech videos), but usability, information availability and many small but useful things will be changed for good.

So, what are these major changes? First of all, design of the site has been changed and, I think, it is much better now. Here are some examples of the first page, login page and videos list page as they look on the test server now:

Best Tech Videos: Home Best Tech Videos: Login Best Tech Videos: Videos in category

Video Authors (producers) could manually post their own videos on the server now. To make some video available to site visitors and users (onlooker), it have to be approved by one of the site’s moderators (instructor) or by some other author. Video posting page will look like following:

Best Tech Videos: Post new video

One more really great feature — now you could compose your own videos RSS-feed using some of the site’s feeds for tags and categories. You could simply choose tags and categories you like and get your own RSS feed with the best videos from your point of view.

Best Tech Videos: Feed manager Best Tech Videos: Add feed by tag

Besides of view changes, we have decided to add some ‘sociality’ to the service, so now you could vote for videos you like, add videos to your favorite videos list and discuss videos with your fellow BTV users. Of course, you and your friends could get your favorite videos list RSS-feed.

Best Tech Videos: User profile

By the way, I want to emphasize a bit on a technologies. Current version of the site was based on WordPress engine with some set of custom plugins. New version has been created from scratch using Ruby on Rails and now we have pretty flexible basement for further service development. So, if you have any ideas how to make the service better — your suggestions are really welcome.

And now I want to disclose some of our stats. As of today, you can find on our site 754 high-quality (custom filtered) videos in 100 categories which are more than 385 hours of video content! This collection grows every day. So, stay tuned — we will announce final release of the services soon.

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Критик, как всегда рулишь, респект. И откуда у вас берется столько времени :) ….

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