Resume updates

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I haven’t updated my resume several months and now I found some time to do it at last. I’m employed by “Lana Pro” over 9 months, great company with friendly team and interesting project. I’ve passed several additional Brainbench certifications, read a couple of very interesting books and explored some new technologies. About this I’ll talk below.

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Work in Lana Pro

Posted by Dmytro Shteflyuk on under Resume

Month ago trial period in Lana Pro company was finished. Today I’m working on large corporate application (ASP.NET, MSSQL) in a professional team, and I have excellent conditions. I’ve started to learn English in International House.

At leisure I develop a bulletin board for a site PHP5 and MySql 4.1 are used for development, and also Smarty template engine helps to separate code and design. An approximate development time – one week.