Zend releases first version of Zend Framework

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Finally in the end Zend has released first version of the Zend Framework project.

Zend Framework is a high quality and open source framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services.

Built in the true PHP spirit, the Zend Framework delivers ease-of-use and powerful functionality. It provides solutions for building modern, robust, and secure websites.

First I have observed is it really has powerful functionality. Framework includes classes for working with databases, RSS-feeds, remote HTTP-servers, Web-forms data, JSON, mail, different Web-services (include classes for Amazon, Flickr, and Yahoo), MVC implementation, and also facilities for generating PDF-documents and logging.

This is very serious framework, but I doubt efficiency of it. I don’t want to get just another PEAR library. I will look it more precisely in the near future.

You can download it here.

AJAX-enabled Smarty plugins

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Today I’ve created simple AJAX-enabled plugins for Smarty. I don’t try to develop powerful reach-applications framework. I can give you only idea how to integrate AJAX-technology into Smarty. But if you have any offers how to improve anything I’ve described or if you just want to leave feedback please post you comments on my site.

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dBug – Impoved var_dump for PHP

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Today I found very useful tool for PHP – dBug. I think every PHP-programmer uses var_dump or print_r functions for debugging purpose very often. dBug displays structured information about your variables like these functions but in more suitable way (in colored tabular format).

Full features list with the examples of work can be found on original site.

dBug - Impoved var_dump for PHP

Why does IE save pictures from the Web in bitmap format?

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Today I found very strange problem with Internet Explorer. I’ve generated GIF-image with PHP GD2 and sent results for client browser. In IE I’ve tried to store picture in my local file system but the only option was to save the picture as a .BMP file instead of as a native .gif file! The same problem is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base, but it does not help me.

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