WordPress plugins updates

Posted by Dmytro Shteflyuk on under WordPress

Today I finished reorganization of my blog and now all my WordPress plugins moved to separate page. Check it if you are using my plugins in your blog. In this post I’ll describe which plugins I have at this moment.

sCategory Permalink

Plugin allows to select category which will be used to generate permalink on post edit page. Use custom permalink option %scategory% on Options/Permalinks options page. Current version is 0.2.1. more »


CodeColorer is the plugin which allows you to insert code snippets into the post with nice syntax highlighting. Current version is 0.5.0. more »

Ad Rotator

This widget is intended to display random HTML code from a given group of HTML-chunks on sidebar. Basically it shows different HTML every time you requesting page. Current version is 1.0.1. more »

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