Weekly Link Dump #1

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This is a first link dump in this blog, where I will list all interesting links that I have found in Internet. I plan to post link dumps once a week, so stay tuned to read most useful stuff with no effort. Todays topics are: organizing your CSS, top mistakes made by WordPress plugins authors, ways MySQL uses indexes, and the git version control advantages over the Subversion.

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In reply to latest articles in Thoughtbot blog

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Last few weeks Thoughtbot publish lots of really stupid (gsub syntax manual; are you serious?) articles (WTF is Best practice: index every boolean column) in their blog. And yesterdays article about tailing your Rails log is the absolute leader, it’s freaking awesome. Hey guys, I’m waiting for other articles in this series: “@ in attribute names, what does it mean?”, “if-then-else statement usage best practices for Ruby on Rails senior developers”, “how to install a gem”.

Hey robots, we have a reply to your outstanding articles: A wonderful way to list your project files. Please read it carefully, you definitely will find something useful for you! Thanks to @labria for his great exploration.

10 recommendations on using HTML5 today (aka Homo-Adminus Blog 2.0 HTML5ified)

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Homo-Adminus Blog

There was a lot of articles about HTML5 last days, so when Alexey Kovyrin asked me to help him with his new blog design I saw no other choice but using HTML5. There are a lot of new features added since HTML4, and some of them could be used today, like new elements <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <article>, <section>, etc. I think this is a nice addition to the HTML, because these elements add more sense to an unstructured markup. There is a buzzword “semantic” exists to describe this, but I don’t like buzzwords, so I would call it “sense”. So what features we could get from HTML5, that are supported by all modern browsers?

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Human computations

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Very cool video about free human resources usage I have found the other day. As you could see from my resume, I’m graduated from the Intelligent Decision Support Systems Department of the Kharkov National University of Radio-Electronics. I don’t remember too much from my courses (but I know where and what to search when some sort of knowledge will be necessary, be sure), but what had stuck in my memory is that there are tons of tasks which can’t be easily solved: images classification, object detection, automatic expert systems knowledge bases building, etc. Some of these tasks are partially solved and have satisfactory results (for example mathematical and statistical methods of objects detection), others have bypassing methods (for example, Google uses text from HTML links to classify images). The main reason is that computers are not so smart as humans (maybe it’s not so bad, just think of the “The Matrix” movie).

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