Weekly Link Dump #1

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This is a first link dump in this blog, where I will list all interesting links that I have found in Internet. I plan to post link dumps once a week, so stay tuned to read most useful stuff with no effort. Todays topics are: organizing your CSS, top mistakes made by WordPress plugins authors, ways MySQL uses indexes, and the git version control advantages over the Subversion.

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Scribd open source projects

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It’s time to summarize what we have done for the Open Source community. Scribd is pretty open company, we release a lot of code into the public after a time (sometimes it is short, sometimes it is not). Here I want to mention all the code we have opensourced. Please take into account that time is moving on, so we are publishing more and more code. I will update this post periodically, so stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter to get instant updates.

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Memo #1: Installing mysql and memcached gems on Mac OS X with MacPorts

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I have not posted anything here for a long time. It’s hard to start blogging again, so I will write a short tips and tricks series called “Memo“. Today I’m going to talk about two Ruby gems I’m using in all my Ruby on Rails project: mysql and memcached. Every time I try to install or update those gems on Mac OS X following error occurs:

Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
ERROR:  Error installing mysql:
    ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

And then I’m googling on how to install these gems. It’s time simplify my life and post commands here.

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Sphinx Client API 0.3.1 and 0.4.0 r909 for Sphinx 0.9.8 r909 released

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Sphinx Search Engine I have a good news: Sphinx Client API has been updated and now it supports all brand new features of the unstable Sphinx 0.9.8 development snapshot. What does it mean for you as a developer? What features you will get if you would decide to switch to the new version? I will describe most valuable improvements of the Sphinx in this article, and will show how to use them with new Sphinx Client API 0.4.0 r909.

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Sphinx Search Engine 0.9.7, Ruby Client API 0.3.0

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Sphinx Search EngineIt’s happened! We all waited for Sphinx update and finally Andrew Aksyonoff has released version 0.9.7 of his wonderful search engine (who does not know about it, look my previous posts here and here).



Sphinx Search EngineСвершилось! Мы все ждали обновления Sphinx, и вот наконец Andrew Aksyonoff выпустил версию 0.9.7 своего замечательного поискового движка (для тех, кто не понимает, о чем я говорю: посмотрите мои предыдущие заметки здесь и здесь).

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