Scribd open source projects

Posted by Dmytro Shteflyuk on under Development

It’s time to summarize what we have done for the Open Source community. Scribd is pretty open company, we release a lot of code into the public after a time (sometimes it is short, sometimes it is not). Here I want to mention all the code we have opensourced. Please take into account that time is moving on, so we are publishing more and more code. I will update this post periodically, so stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter to get instant updates.

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Generating content for the Facebook’s setFBML method in ASP.NET

Posted by Dmytro Shteflyuk on under ASP.NET

In my current project we decided to build a Facebook application. This is really great platform with many interesting ideas inside, which usually means that you will spend a much time to make your application working as expected. Today I wanna talk about user profiles. Any Facebook application could add some action links, which will be displayed under the user’s picture, and some content for wide or narrow column. Of course, you can use FBML syntax, especially fb:if-... tags set to choose which content to show on specific profiles to concrete users.

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